Looking for more specific requirements for Linux distribution to run IGEL UMS

I would like to install UMS on a Linux distribution. Now I’m looking for more specific requirements. For example “Ubuntu 16.04 64-bit” or “Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.3 64-bit” come in different tastes. (Minimal, Server, Full, with Desktop, without etc.) Is there any technical documentation about what has been tested by IGEL? For example what package group on what base-iso has to be used? The goal is of course to have a minimal system footprint and a system that does only things it is meant to do. (UMS-ing;-)

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EDIT: The Console bit doesn’t have to run on this server as we’d like to run it on our Management-Desktops. So basically it needs no GUI 🙂

Well… for some parts, you would need a GUI (at least in SSH X11 Forwarding, but I prefer Gui) as for UMS Administrator (which is needed for DB Config a.e.).

As Sebastien said, you do need a G.U.I. for the U.M.S. administrator — unless Igel were to make an ncurses or configuration file-based interface for that, or maybe a web configuration tool accessible from another computer. 🙂 However, it might not be too inconvenient just to use SSH with X11 forwarding for that, since I think that it’s all that you need. Technically, you need just the X.org X.org server, so you don’t need to install a desktop environment.

Thank you guys! So basically I need a minimal installation plus GUI.

I’m not yet familiar with X11 forwarding, but it sounds like something I want to try. Because for example the Gnome Desktop installs around 1000 .deb packets and I’m eager to minimize the footprint/complexity of the os. (And because a GUI is just not nerdy enough.)

Besides, who installs a G.U.I. on a server, anyway?? 🙂

I’ve tried. And I’v failed. X11-forwarding requires more knowledge. As I don’t want to reverse engineer what packets are necessary, this is now the configuration of my choice:

Centos 7 (minimal) for ICG

Centos 7 (minimal + Desktop GNOME) for UMS

Period 😄

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