Looking for my IGEL users to be able to reset their Windows passwords?

Looking for my IGEL users to be able to reset their Windows passwords. We are a Citrix shop. Would this be a IGEL configuration or Citrix Storefront configuration needed?

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You can certainly enable password changing within Storefront, probably the ideal place to do it.

You are able to change to change your password straight from the IGEL client as well – I just had this case today! When the password expires you will be notified when logging into Storefront, and a New Password dialog is presented.

Are you looking for a way to self-service reset a forgotten password?

I have enabled the SF option. This only works for me when the users password is expired or required to change on next logon via AD. What I am also looking for is similar to Windows CAD keystroke, if there a way for a user natively on an IGEL to change their Windows password if those options are not set in AD for the user object. Basically looking for a way users can change their passwords without Help Desk getting involved.

If the password must be changed then a dialog will appear locally on IGEL OS when Citrix Workspace login is attempted with expired password.

Understood @member but what if a user just wants to change their password randomly by their own doing?

Ah, I see what you mean. I guess you would need to do that through the Browser as there isn’t a utility for that on IGEL OS.

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