Looking for VMware Horizon Client 5.5.0 for IGEL OS?

Our partner who provides us our HR-system via VMWare Horizon informed us to update the Horizon Client on our IGEL 10.06.x Clients to 5.5.x – we are running the latest IGEL public OS 10.06.190, which includes 5.4.1. Is there a private release that includes Horizon Client 5.5.x ? We do need it only for 6 clients, but it is important for us to run Horizon Client 5.5.0.

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@member i checked the latest private builds, and there is no firmware including horizon client 5.5.x yet on IGEL OS 10. Maybe a good opportunity to think about transitioning to IGEL OS 11 using the upgrade campaign (IGEL OS 11 have private builds including Horizon 5.5.0)?

Thank you Fredrik, but the public releases of OS 11 also does not include Horizon 5.5.0 so far 🙂

Right now you’d need the PB 11.04.242 which came out yesterday, fresh from the certification process.

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