Mice are not working on IGEL UD3s

Anyone had issues with Mice and the UD3s? I’ve got some techs onsite saying that the mice dont work…of course they are across the country so I can’t just go over there. These are all specifically handshoe mice. Guessing it’s a driver? I’m trying to find the specific makes/models.

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when they say it doesn‘t work:

• USB mouse or Wireless?

• no misconfiguration of USB Redirection that MICE Devices get redirected?

• no USB HUBs involved, right?

• are they other devices (beside Keyboard) connected per USB?

• Can be either, neither “work”

• No redirection policies in place

• No USB hubs that i’m aware of(asking that now though)

• No other USB devices connected.

I’ve got some other questions out to them too. Will follow up with this. My guess is i’ll need to inject some driver that isnt inherently included.

Well, for a mouse (of course they are exceptions), no need for additional drivers, they are only needed on extended functions.

/var/log/Xorg.0.log is your best friend on debbuging mouse issues.

Btw.: beside latest Firmware, what means doesn‘t work?

No movement or registered clicks is what they mean by not working. Thank you for the log location

You are welcome! But, are they working and then they stop, or, simply not at all?!

Would be interesting if a specific brand is concerned or USB Port (front a.e.) though…

@member I’ll let you know more as soon as I know more!

Awesome, thank you!

That is definitely interesting…as Sebastien said, with mice it should just work…maybe custom buttons won’t due to the inherent limitations or requirements of software to map to it…but the mice themselves shouldn’t be having issues.

I’ve got probably 15-20 different types of mice in my small 250 unit deployment and haven’t had to make any adjustments

@member @member I have to admit this is the first I’ve ever run across mouse issues, they’ve always just worked. Trackpads are a different story. We’ve implemented around 4500 of them at this point. Pretty weird.

Definitely understand on that one…very odd

Would check lsusb if the port is working and a device is detected, what vid/pid does it have?

Maybe some very strange mice not using HID?

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