Microphone is working on host but not in RDP session on IGEL OS?

Hi, I’m trying to get a remote desktop session with a working microphone working. I can see that the microphone is working on the host, but when i connect to the rdp session. The microphone is there but is not lighting up or receiving any input. My script is calling /service/rrdp/bin/igelrdp2 directly and passing flags.

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I’m passing `/microphone` but maybe i should be passing something else. Anyone have any insight into this?

I found the correct flag, for future people’s sake it was `/microphone:sys:oss`

Hi, how do you use this script? I have a RDSH environment where I can use OR the camera (Logitech C930) OR the microphone but not at the same time in a session


we are using Leostream, which we made a custom partition for. Leostream has an option use different viewers and one of the custom viewers is xfreerdp

Here are the arguments we are using for xfreerdp connection

/u:{USER} /p:{PLAIN_PASSWORD} /v:{IP} /f /multimon /rfx /d:{DOMAIN} /sound:sys:oss /microphone:sys:oss

hopefully that helps?

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