Microsoft license requirements for thin clients?

Hello, I am really confused about Microsoft license requirements for thin clients and have a question about Microsoft licensing. Lets assume that customer will use 100x IGEL OS thin clients and those will connect Win 10 desktops under Citrix environment. (50 x win10 desktops non-persistent) Does customer need to buy any VDA or SA license for this deployment ? If yes, how many?

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Yes, assuming this is VDI, and not remote PC, when you will need to buy VDA licenses. These can be either per user, or per device.

It’s a numbers game. Get pricing for both, and determine which one is cheaper, and meets your licensing requirements. The easiest way is to buy 100 VDA per device licenses (this will cover your IGEL units).

Thanks Barry. seems like, when we use IGEL for VDI , at the end VDA license cost would exceed IGEL part (for 3 years or 5 years calculation). According to following kb, it is 100$ /year/device, am i right?

I think it depends on the volume, but $100/year for MS licensing does sound about correct. From our perspective, the IGEL component is the cheap part of VDI. We try to run as much as we can natively on IGEL OS (for example, those users who only need access to a browser, and a softphone) to avoid what we call the Microsoft tax.

thanks Barry !

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