Microsoft Teams flickering and black lines on CItrix Workspace App 2009 on IGEL OS

MS Teams flickering and black lines still happening on Workspace 2009

Yeah, my very early testing is showing that too.

That’s a known issue in Citrix Workspace App. I have the same here.

Ours seems to have lost the black lines now with 2009 and EDT enabled

With Workspace app 2006 or 2009?

Was EDT turned off prior to using CWA 2009?

It was indeed – seems the EDT performance issues are resolved in 2009

On Igel OS 11.04.110 and the new Linux Version 2009 still exist, further noticed:

“When you are running a video call or sharing the screen in Microsoft Teams, the screen might flicker. [RFLNX-4778]”

Based on testing on 2 devices so far….. we were getting in consistently before, haven’t been able to repro since updating to .131 firmware. May be just luck!

Nice. Did you disable EDT previously for performance issues with CWA 2004/2006? Or was it always disabled?

And the release notes for 11.04.131 states CWA 2006 might show flickering in Teams. Doesn’t look like the release notes claims 2009 fixes this particular issue. I made an assumption that it did. But will be testing this morning some more with and without EDT. I will say that 2009 appears to make Teams behave better, but that’s just from my brief testing. For example, minimizing a meeting window and then maximizing it doesn’t require multiple clicks to restore

Unfortunately, I’m still experiencing the flickering issue with Teams with or without EDT enabled with CWA 2009

We have two different issues with video calls:

1. Flickering Screen, the EDT Setting helps here on our side

2. Black bars around the screen, here the EDT Setting didn’t help.

Edit: Devices running 11.04.131

For my environment, enabling EDT did not make a difference (positive or negative) with the flickering issue in Teams. Though, it seems like the flickering isn’t as bad with CWA 2009 as it was with CWA 2006

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