Microsoft Teams usage locally on IGEL OS

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What do you guys think? We continue to have a slough of problems with Teams on igel

I have been running Teams from Microsoft Edge for over a year now.

Here is link to the CP builder for Edge:

We also have the UCC guide with tips for setup of Teams and offloading.

Please also note the hardware requirements for Teams,2.…]irements-1

Thanks @member you’re running Teams locally on igel? We’re running HDX teams in our published desktops and the performance is horrible. We’re using IGEL certified LG Gram laptops. Our challenge is incorporating something like this into a full screen published desktop.

Teams on Citrix with offloading is great.

Please follow the UCC guide for setup.

For offloading to IGEL endpoint please note the hardware on the endpoint….

Dual Core >= 1.8GHz base clock speed for 720p 1:1 call

Dual or Quad Core >=1.8GHz with 2.9GHz boost for many:many call

UCC Guide has setup details…

Hdx teams on igel with multimedia redirect is horrible.

Well then, if your team has followed the UCC guide and the hardware can do it… Then I would open a ticket with IGEL support to figure out how to get your environment working…

Support is zero help. We can’t even get them to look at packet captures

PM me the ticket and I’ll take a look at it.

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