Migrating to new IGEL UMS, thin clients do not receive the configuration from the new UMS server

I’m migrating from one UMS server to a new one. DB backup, license backup and restore worked well. I can see all thin clients from the new UMS server and establish a remote connection. But the thin clients do not receive the configuration from the new UMS server and I can see on the thin client that it is still connected to the old UMS server IP address.

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On the old UMS Server i stopped the ums service, dhcp and dns option is pointing to the new one. How can i geht the clients to connect to the new ums server?

Did you backed up / restored the Certificate / keystore too?


sounds to me like, you reinstalled a new server (and created a new keystore), which means that the devices can’t communicate anymore.



I have mad a full backup and assume the keystore is included here. I can push the configuration from the new ums to the thinclient and haven’t seen any errors. The ThinClient shows the popup that the configuration has changed, but after a restart the old configuration is retained.

Does it work after a factory reset of one of your devices?

Yes, after a factory reset of the device everything works. But i cant reset all 400 devices….

I tried to scan for devices on the new server and add them again, everything works fine. But i can only scan for online devices and some devices are on remote locations and only powerd on once a week. So my question is what are the normale migration steps??

1. Backup on the old UMS Server

2. Restore on the new UMS Server

3. Changing DHCP and DNS entry

4. ????

How can i tell the ThinClients to connect to the new UMS Server when the new server has a new name and ip address?

If you shadow a device that doesn’t work like expected, if you open a local teminal:

ping igelrmserver

where does the ping goes to? Old or new server?

The ping goes to the new server, but on the thinclient it shows the old IP and no configuration change on the new ums server is pushed to the client. If i start the service on the old server and change something on the configuration the client get the config from this old server.

I think the DHCP and DNS entry change is not working because the clients only query this values after a factory reset. So there must be one step that iam missing… how does the thinclient know that there is a new ums server?

Through DNS / Dhcp usually. What IP stands under:

System, Remote Management? when right clicking the device and edit configuration?

If the device sees the new UMS, and works after a factory reset, I suspect the certificate.

On a local terminal:

journalctl -f | grep igelrm_agent

and send a new config. What does the logs tell?

On the client itself under remote managment I see the IP from the old server. However, it is not configured via a profile. I only have one profile on the client and there remote management is blank.

Now the new configuration works…

I changed some settings on the profile, pushed the new profile to the client to grep the journal as you mentioned, and know it works.

But in the UMS on the client under remote management its still the old IP and on the client gui too.

Sehe gerade das du ja in Mainz sitzt 😄 können das auch auf Deutsch machen. Habt ihr bei IGEL nie Feierabend? Gefühlt bist du immer online und antwortest hier nahezu auf jede Anfrage 😉 Top Service!

Yes, the Remote Manager IP is usually set during the first registration, and shows (usually) the actual list of UMS Servers the device would look at for a new config. You could “force” the devices to speak only to the the new one by setting up a new profile like this. s. Screenshot even if not needed usually 😄

And yes, near by Mainz 😉 From time to time, I need sleep too 😄 Thank you! I appreciate and happy to help as much as I can!!

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