Missing a “Gain” slider in the sound settings?

I’ve heard reports that people are missing a “Gain” slider in the sound settings, which used to help fix problems with echo. Does that sound familiar to anyone? I searched our available settings, but didn’t see anything about it.

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Maybe this link? igelcommunity.slack.com/archives/C8GP9JHQE/p1614883001015000

Thank you for that, Ron. That looks like it’s for balance, which I also don’t see, but our users are asking about gain. It sounds like the slider existed for firmware 10 but not for 11.

I can confirm that the slider does exist in OS 11

Which version of 11 are you checking? I am using 11.04.264. When I image a thin clients to 10.06.120, I don’t see gain, but I do see an ‘Advanced’ button on the ‘Input’ tab of the ‘Sound Preferences’ program, and this has a ‘Sidetone’ slider, which might be what they are describing.

You mean the “gain” slider? If so, I stand corrected, I do not have that in the various versions of OS 11. For some reason I thought you said you didn’t see the balance slider in OS 11

I originally asked about a gain slider (though it might be sidetone instead), and Ron mentioned a balance slider, which is not what I meant, and which I do still seel in firmware 11 (thanks for checking, though!).

Can you provide a screenshot of the slider that you want and have on OS10?

On OS10 we used the Gnome Volume Control from what I recall, on OS11 Pulseaudio. The Gain function (from the GUI) is bounded to gnome. Will ask if there is a way to tweak around.

Thank you!

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