Monitors with 1440p resolution flickering on IGEL OS 11.05.100

Dear Community, Does anyone have problems using the new Igel UD3-LX 60 in combination with 1440p Benq-Monitors?

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I have already installed the latest firmware ( on these devices but as soon as i try to use 1440p resolution the screen starts to flicker heavily.

The problem is reproducable across several ThinClients and Benq Monitors. As soon as i configure 1080p as resolution, the flickering stops immediately.

I hope someone can help, as the support-team was unable to to until now.

Best Regards,

Dear, does it vary if you use different cables / Refresh Rates?

The UD3-LX 60 only supports Displayport. We have tried several different brand-new cables without success. Changing the Hz did not help

Could you try to build a Ubuntu x64 18.04 live stick and boot it on the UD3? Would be interesting if the issue goes away or stays there…

Booting from Ubuntu 18.04 had the same result. The Screen is flickering heavily

Ok… Not good, but good at the same time. It means that it isn’t just an IGEL OS issue 🥳 but more a Linux general one🥶

Would you mind to retry with 20.10 Ubuntu?

Same Result with the 20.10 Ubuntu Release 😞

I guess there, our Devs need to look at it, can you share this infos in the ticket?

The ticket has been updated 🙂

Interestingly, the flickering even occurs if the amdgpu driver is disabled using the registry and the Igel obviously uses some sort of generic driver …

Are you seing this issue as well @member ?

Dumb question then: do you have a device with Intel GPU where you could start a UD Pocket and check if the issue persists?

I ́m working with Florian on this issue.

Update: If we use a DP to HDMI Adapter on the LX60 and connect the BENQ-Display with HDMI (1440p) everything works perfectly. Native DP is still flickering. 😮

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