MS Teams with Citrix – video will drop off a call after exactly 3-4 seconds on IGEL OS

We are attempting to make use of MS Teams Citrix redirection with IGEL and running into significant issues with webcams. Most of the time it detects the webcam twice, and a video preview will work, but video will drop off a call after exactly 3-4 seconds, then it gives an error that it can’t connect to the webcam anymore. Anyone else experience this?

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IGEL OS is 11.04.200 (using Linux Workspace 20.09), CVAD is 19.12, and our Citrix session host is 1809.

Is it showing HDX Optimized in teams?

Yes, it says “Citrix HDX Optimized”

I believe MS has identified this as their issue and is working with Citrix to resolve this.

@member Interesting, is there some place on either Citrix or Microsoft’s end where we can keep track of that issue? Last time I checked the Citrix Teams live docs, I don’t think it mentioned anything.

Not that I know of. I have a call at the end of the hour with MS and a customer about this issue. I will see what they say 🙂

Awesome, let us know!

Remind me if you don’t hear from me by tomorrow, always busy, and always forgetful 🙂

Sounds good! I also put a thread out there on Citrix’s forums too, in case anyone wants to chime in (might not be visible yet since they have to approve):

Well, this may have been a bust. The MS guy that joined, does not work on VDI issues with MS Teams. He is going to have to escalate it to another team.

The customer mentioned some stuff, but nothing solid.

From our own community though. There is another thread

Microsoft just said they are going to take it back to engineering

Maybe there is a way to talk to Microsoft to have your policies changed to not update certain components for now

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