Multiple IGEL UD Pocket devices fail during the “IGEL Workspace” splashscreen on boot

Hi all, we have multiple devices with UDP which have a problem during the boot process.

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The boot process seems to fail during the “IGEL Workspace” splashscreen. It never reaches the splash screen with the version number. Has anyone an idea what to do? Can I get more details on why it fails to continue the boot process? “Verbose Boot” doest not help because it starts printing output messages later in the boot process (instead of showing the splash screen with the version number?!).

ps: Searching for “boot” and “igel workspace” brings a lot of results. :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:

Greetings, Peter

Hi Peter, may I ask first which Fimrware is installed on that UDP and which kind of hardware you are trying to boot from?

Which boot settings did you choosed in your Bios?

Last thing… even if it might sounds weird, did you checked if there is a Bios Update for your Device?

Hi Sebastian, thanks for the quick reply. 👍🙂

I am running IGEL OS 11.04.270. The hardware we are having issues with are DELL Latitude 5500 laptops.

What do you mean by boot settings? Do you have a specific option in mind?

I will check the Bios version!

I‘m so sorry, I forgot to paste the link…

How many RAM do you have installed on that device?

Just wanted to let you know that updating the BIOS and the SSD firmware helped. Thanks again @member for your tips and help.👍

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