My IGEL OS12 device connected via ICG keeps disconnecting.

Since upgrading the ICG to Version 12.01.100, my IGEL client at home running through the ICG on OS11 has this pop up, every so often now and it will even wake it up, It did not do this behavior before the update to ICG 12. Is there something we need to look at or is this going to be normal behavior moving forward?

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Is your UMS on 12 too?

Yes sir, we updated both UMS and ICG.

UMS – 12.01.110

ICG – 12.01.100

I‘m trying to think (imagine that), but this message is there on my box too. At least after reboot. Let me check.

It pops up regularly now, and didn’t before, that is why I’m asking. In the middle of the night, my thin client lights up the room it’s in. 🙂

Q: IGEL OS devices are reconnecting to ICG 12.01.100 every 30 minutes. How can this be fixed?

A: Details on fix can be found here: Configuration of Unlimited Session Timeout for ICG 12.01.100

Thanks Mr. Ron!! Checking it out now!

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