Need proxying UMS to Licensing server help?

HAs anyone experienced issues proxying UMS to Licensing server?

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It depends from a few factors, but yes, I had some issues. Is the connection test succesful or foes it fail there too?

Connection fails for me. My security team mentioned it is whitelisted

Did you followed that kb?

Yes, security whitelisted, and I can curl most * sites. But our proxy shows that when making the request the destination times out. I was not aware of so we are trying that next

@member – the docs say but UMS is showing, is that correct? Seems to be an Azure blob/bucket and 443 443

are correct. Here is the overview:

We are seeing that curl + telnet and browsing to the URLs return xml output which is resource not found, does querying that site need creds or something more specific than curl?

We still cannot establish a connection to but based on the last post it doesn’t look like we need it, is that correct?

Is ssl traffic enabled?

yes, I can curl over 443 to susi and fwus

not to fwu

Which UMS Version?

Have to leave now, let’s see if someone else is having an idea before asking you to open a ticket…

Just in case:

On logs side: UMS Server: IGELRemoteManagerrmguiserverlogs, Catalina

anything helpful there?

Can you run the IGEL RMGUIServer service with a privileged account, restart it and try again ?

I have a Linux server but will try rmgui

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