Need to configure two Citrix StoreFront connections, but can’t get a desktop icon when i setup the second on IGEL OS

I everyone, i’m new here. Just got an UMS environnment running and try to get one of my storefront store on my igel os. I Got 2 stores. Each one is doing ressource filtering in Storefront. I got one for published apps, and the other for desktops. In UMS i setup the store for apps and i can see my apps. But i need the store for desktop and, there is no desktop icon when i setup this one. I can connect, and i got a message saying “Getting applications” but no one show up. Does Anybodya laready saw that?

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Hi Pierre, just in case, could you try to enter the address of the second store in a Browser Session like Firefox? That would give you a general insight if it works, not, or where it hangs.

Yes it works, i got 500+ users using it.

Are you using Active Directory login in front of the citrix login?

Could you please check if the domain entered in the Login (AD or Citrix Login) matches the trusted domain in Storefront settings:

Thanks Sebastien, yes my domain is listed and is the default . By the way i got many wyse working with this store. I Think it could be related with the ressource filtering in the storefront. Does Somebody use it to filter Desktop vs apps?

Are you going through a Citrix Gateway or direct to storefront?

I guess based on your screenshots, you are going direct to storefront

Just in case, and in addition to Davids point, are you using a Desktop filter in your Citrix UMS Profiles?

I have mine setup to only give desktops. It works well internally going direct to the desktop website, but when going through a Citrix Gateway (aka Netscaler) users are prompted to select which store. Most of our users are internal, so I haven’t made it a huge priority to get the external working direct. Can you post a screenshot of your profile for the Storefront Desktop Profile?

This is how mine is setup. I did generalize it though (

this is the whole profile. We use AD authentication on the IGEL and then have passthrough to storefront.

you should be able to import that into your UMS and modify the URL and store name

Thanks Guys, I tried the David suggestion. And it doesn’t work either..

Here what is working. I created a new Store without ressource filtering and configured a profile to use it. It work as expected. From there i will do filtering from the profile in Igel UMS.

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