Needing help on building a Custom Partition for Zoom

Dear All, Hope you are well. My name is Robert. I was hoping you might be able to assist me as I am new to IGEL and the community. I had reviewed the how do document for installing a custom partition for installing Zoom. Despite my best efforts I was unable to configure it correctly. Either the app wouldn’t launch or I would receive an error message when attempting to install it. Could I bother you to point me in the correct director for someone who could help me? It would be greatly apricated.

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Welcome Robert!

#igel-custom-partitions would be the better channel for this.

Hi Brandon, Thank you for the information. I tried the steps listed on the site however, I became lost during the install process. Is their a way to speak with the creator of the files and scripts?

@member might be able to assist you. The script will create the files for you

Thank you. I will reach out to him. 🙂

Additional details on adding an application to IGEL OS

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