Never could get Mac Model A1419 to boot to OS11, keeps trying to repairreinstall MacOS

Hi everyone, Just finishing up my OS11 conversion and down to my last 2 devices and need a little help. These are both older Macs (Model A1419) Both have been running just fine on OS10, one converted via UDC the other running on a UDP. After attempting the upgrade, the device that was converted kept trying to repairreinstall MacOS, never could get it to boot to OS11. Thankfully I was able to UDC back to OS10 and keep it in production.

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On the device with the UDP, I can hold down option and boot to the pocket, but can’t boot as default like with OS10. I’ve tried going into System preferencesstartup disk, but it doesn’t see the pocket as a valid drive.

Hi Matt, which firmware versions are you using exactly for your upgrade process?

10.5.800.01 and

I know it sounds weird but can you retry the upgrade by using the 10.06.130? We fixed a few bugs regarding bootcode.

OK, upgraded from 10.5.800 to 10.6.130 then to 11.02.150 via UMS push and same thing can’t boot. So before going back again via a 10.5.800 preparestick, I tried imaging it from a 11.02 preparestick and it works.

Can I use the preparestick to do the the UDPs also? I had upgraded them the same way (from 10.5.800 via UMS profile…)

Yes, preparestick is called OS Creator now:

In that case: you are not doing a upgrade but more a complete re-imaging. You have to reregister the devices and things like Licenses needs then to be reissued.

Sebastien, thank you very much for your assistance. I never could get this MAC to consistently boot to the UDP, so I just imaged it to OS11 and I’ll use the UDP somewhere else.

You are welcome, happy that you got it working as needed (more of less😄).

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