NEW Custom Partition Template – ‘Signal’ CP Created!

NEW Custom Partition Template – ‘Signal’ CP Created!

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WhatsApp Users Urged To Download Signal, Skype Following Controversial Privacy Update…]skype-following-controversial-privacy-update/?sh=32a2b9e663d7

Nice! – I still have a facebook account but have not logged on in years… I would like to kill my whatsapp too.

Yes — getting rid of the whatsapp and now using Signal.

Signal support group calls (currently up to 5 people but they are working to expand number).

Works great on my IGEL UD3 with Logitech C930e webcam.

Oh cool. I have signal too as I use it for a few friends. But many use WhatsApp and they know how to find me there. This is the problem with those networks . But I did stop Facebook and Facebook messenger. I should just tell the guys I chat with on WhatsApp To connect with me other ways. They all have my number too.

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