New IGEL OS devices skips Appliance mode and goes string to desktop?

Hello. We have a bunch of UD6 igels in Appliance mode…nice, just funnel straight to our Storefront. We just got 4 UD7s, and these, with the same certificates and profile as the UD6s use in UMS, does not. It just dumps to the igel OS desktop. Any ideas? Are the profiles not compatible between hardware?

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Hello! Are the UD6 on OS10 and the UD7 on OS11 maybe? Could you share the respective Firmware versions?

Hey! thanks for the reply. The UD7s are on OS 11-11.01.110. The UD6s are on IGEL Universal Desktop LX-10.05.100.

That what I thought:

In OS, ## The following clients and features are not supported anymore


Citrix Legacy Sessions

Citrix Web Interface

Citrix StoreFront Legacy

Citrix HDX Flash Redirection

Citrix XenDesktop Appliance Mode

You can maybe follow the last entry of this thread where I created an Appliance like mode. I hope that helps in the meantime:

Pardon my ignorance. So I take this zip file, extract it, import the LX_Firefox_XenDesktop_Kiosk into UMS, and then apply all my profile changes to that profile, and then apply that to the UD7s?

What specifically does this “Appliance Like Mode” do?

That‘s absolutely fine😄 No one can read every line of every firmware release notes!

It does more or less the same (and a bit more) as our Appliance mode does but without disabling some other features with a Firefox lockdown session.

and then the process I listed out, that is what I need to do with this profile?

Yes, but please a) check that everything covers your needs b) to adapt the URL Startpage for the Firefox c) to test every function

Whats been the best alternative since Citrix XenDesktop Appliance Mode was removed?

From my opinion, using the profile set described above if you want to go for a Firefox like mode, or go for SelfService IMHO.

Cheers, yeah currently using Firefox autoload also. Is Citrix XenDesktop Appliance mode gone for good?

I heard rumors about at least thoughts regarding a new appliance mode but nothing concrete to share atm… Sorry.

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