New to IGEL, recommendations to make IGEL deployment more secure and stable?

hello, i am a complete novice and would like to start with a small number of igel clients in a brand new Microsoft RDS 2016 enviremont.

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I installed succesfully the latest Igel ums 5.09 on a windows server and added most of the thin clients

Are there things or settings that i have to change for making the thin client enviremont more secure/stable. Or things to do to make it easier for the clients.

Any tip and treaks would be more then welcome

Thx a lot!

Have you seen the getting started guide?

Hi Daan! Good to have you onboard!

Yes, they are a few things I would recommend but they depend from your environment…

Let‘s start with the Step by step guide

Then, you may have a look into the security doc:

Thx for the links and the guide. It’s a lot to read but i will try to understand it all 😉

Just pick out what you need, it isn‘t mandatory to follow each step😅

There’s also this good (slightly old) guide on securing the endpoint.

@member right, this guide moved to kb, that was my second link🙏

Nice, good to see it in the KB now 👍

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