No video on webcam connected via IGEL OS

Hello, I am attempting to set up a webcam that is connected to the IGEL. Everything seems to be passing through properly from the logs and the system. However when I attempt to test the video feed from the hosted desktop I am receiving no stream…is there anything that I could be looking for?

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I have set the usb redirection from within Citrix and tested successfully locally from the IGEL…

Hello, dumb question maybe but which use case are you trying to cover with your webcam in Citrix? Skype for Business, or similar?

Which Igel OS firmware are you running?

Trying to use video chat. Not SfB that I know of at this point.

They are running IGEL OS 11.01.100

Ok! Great!

Well, USB Redirection or Webcam redirection (don‘t use both at the same time) should be the way to go…

and for testing:

I would also check if another Workspace App version app helps, here I would recommend to update the firmware to the latest Igel OS Version.

Are you able to tell me a little bit about the filling values? I am not sure I am following what they are referencing…

HDX WebCam frame rate (default: 5)

HDX WebCam quality (default: 16)

HDX WebCam delay time (default: 2000)

HDX WebCam delay type (default: 1)

Yes, sure! That‘s the informations you can gather here:

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