No video stream with Chrome / HDX Webcam redirection in IGEL OS 11.04.270?

Hi All! I am having an issue with Chrome / HDX Webcam redirection in 11.04.270 and wanted to know if anyone has been able to get it working in their environment. I followed the guides to configure and exclude the webcam from USB Redirection but my issue is that the Webcam is detected correctly but it doesn’t stream the video, it only takes a picture. It works with Teams Redirection and USB Redirection but not HDX. I also opened a case with Citrix to check on the Linux Workspace app

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HDX Webcam redirection only works with 32bit apps on the VDA

I am aware of that. I am using Chrome 32-bit for testing

You can easy test it with

make sure you have these policies configured:…]icy-settings/browser-content-redirection-policy-settings.html

Hi Lars! I have tested with the site mentioned ( but I am getting the same result where the webcam “takes a picture” and doesn’t stream the video. I did try browser content redirection as well with no luck. Can you confirmed HDX Webcam is working as expected for Chrome 32-bit?

Yes, its working – I have it configured with approx. 20 customers in the last week

Thanks Lars! Did you use CBR as well or only HDX?

All kind of stuff: HDX, CBR and also a mix of it

Thank you! I will check another webcam to make sure it is not the Logitech I am usiong

I had a strange problem this week with Logitech C925e – with Logitech C930 it was working

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