No watchdog defined at host on IGEL UMS

Trying to get the UMS load balancer to work. When I try to restart the Load balancer service on the lb server via ums console it gives errro “No watchdgo defined at host xxx”

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Seems like the LB is not serving any requests at the moment.

Did you install all components during the install?

UMS Server on first node and Load balancer + console on another one.

Seems the services like igel watchdog are running ok.

Command line `sc queryex “IGEL UMS Watchdog works ok`

Which version?

How much RAM are assigned to Server + Loadbalancer?

Please check network and firewall too:

Maybe you can obtain more details from any of these logs:

RAM is over the 9gb as specified in user manual.

Oh well if the error itself does not feel familiar to anyone it’s just bashing it then. Update all firewalls etc…

Was wishful someone might know the error

I am not in front of my PC, but doesn’t the LB function need to be installed on EACH node?

Seems like it. One would make the first node as first LB then just add the second one to it

Yeah, LB role needs to be on each node.

Could you describe roughly how your setup looks like?

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