Not all IGEL OS devices are receiving mass configuration changes

Configuration Flag/ Reboot:

When I do a mass configuration and choose the reboot option instead of “now”. Some devices will not get the configuration. Maybe like a hand full will not and I get notified by the partner. Then when i do “Settings UMS > Device” it might not get the configuration as well. What is the best way to ensure all devices get the configuration?

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And if the devices are off when wont be booted up for a while, will those get the configuration surely?


At boot every client is contacting the UMS to see if updates are available (this is why we recommend to set a DNS record for the IP address of the UMS server (or DHCP option)) and then will get all the updates configured for that device since being online last.

When a client didn’t get the updates yet, a white exclamation mark on a blue background is shown next to the client symbol in the UMS – is this the case with you regarding the mentioned client?

Also within UMS at the bottom you’ve got the “Messages” part. If not shown open it by clicking on the rightest icon “Show message” (icon with 4 arrows) at the bottom. There in you see all the results of made changes within the UMS. You can double-click to open and see a result. Error message are in red.

You can check if all ports are opened to/from the client by using the probeport command.

probeport IP ADDRESS of UMS PORT

Check for this port:







All should be successful.

In addition to @member if you want to get even more probability:

Create a Reboot job (for night 03:00)

Wakeup / Shutdown Job (for night 05:00)

We have a feature request opened to monitor this blue flag state in a view but it‘s not implemented yet.

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