Now able to make video Slack client through a Citrix session on IGEL OS?

Good day Im testing citrix connection using igel OS 11. I was able to make video call using skype just fine but not able to do the same using desktop slack client. When I connect to citrix session from a full windows client slack works fine. Any idea on how to fix this?

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In general, I would use RTME (which only covers SfB), or Webcam Redirection both could interfere. At the Moment there is no similar feature set provided by Slack, so I would disable RTME (just for testing) and test with Webcam Redirection.

If you are using USB Redirection, please disable it to avoid a Audio / Video Device Redirection.

no luck at all. The camera never starts

Skype works fine/the same session works fine with slack through windows

I have no experience with Slack as a UC Solution but you could try to redirect the Webcam with USB Redirection instead and maybe check the CAM with our test tool:

No luck. One thing I noticed is that besides skype I cant use it anywhere through the IGEL connection. I tryied chrome as well as edge and camera apps neither would work. So this would be something very easy to test on your side

Did you disable RTME in your HDX Igel profile for your second test? Can only speak for my Win10 VDI where it works without hazzling in the Microsoft Cam Tool.

I assume that you already checked another supported tool like described here: ?

It seems only to work if we use USB redirect any other means are simply no go at all(except for skype)

@member In general, if using HDX Realtime media engine, while in session, as long as skype is running, it takes care of the camera, and the camera cant be used by any other app’s within the session. If you shut down skype in session, and have HDX webcam redirection enabled, the camera “should” be usable within the session in other apps.

If you want to use a mix of skype and other apps, i would recommend to disable HDX realtime media engine and only use HDX webcam redirection (if so, make sure that the server side connector isn’t installed on serverside.

I tried disabling skype all together with no luck at all. The only way I found to get camera working is through disabling HDX engine and using USB redirection

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