NUMLOCK led is acting strange on IGEL OS

Hello All, not really sure if this the right channel, but i just give it a go. We are using IGEL UMS 6.05.110 and UD3 with 11.04.130 and Citrix. we noticed that the NUMLOCK led is acting strange.

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When we power on the IGEL the NUMLOCK led is on and working. When we start a citrix connection with the receiver, the NUMLOCK led stays on, but the keys don’t work… we have to double tap (switch it off/on) the NUMLOCK key

to make the keypad work again.

Has anyone ran into this? and is it easy to fix?

Hello Sergio, numlock is tough to debug…

You could try this old workaround:

System->Firmware Customizations->Custom Commands->Desktop Commands and add the following line to the Custom Command Desktop Final Area:

`xmodmap -e ‘remove mod2 = Num_Lock’`

Hello Sebastien,

Thanks for the reply.. I will take a look at it.. Let you know!

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