Num-lock spontaneously turns off on IGEL OS?

Hi Guys,

I’m having num-lock issues with several customers.

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It looks like the num-lick spontaneously turns off during day-time working hours (Amsterdam time). It happens with one customer around 1PM and with another customer around 10AM.

Now, they use different versions of igel OS. One customer is using recent firmware (10.07.100),

The devices are UD3-LX5x

In the Igel settings, the numlock on at start box is checked.

Also this setting is enabled in the profiles.

The issue still occurs. Is there a known solution or workaround for this?

Does anyone have an idea why the numlock turns of automatically?

No, but you could check this possible solution on Terminalserver side, maybe:

Can this also be run on a linux Igel? I believe the problem is in the igel, not in Windows Server environment

Can this also be run on a linux Igel? I believe the problem is in the igel, not in Windows Server environment

It’s a pure Windows Setting, did you already opened a ticket?

No not yet. I hoped the community could give me an answer

Since it’s not a general issue (or at least not from what I’ve seen on customer site), you set it correctly and it happens randomly I couldn’t give you other advices than:

is it happening on windows devices also?

try different receivers if citrix

is numlock disabled only remote or locally?

is numlock enabled on hardware side (green led on, on keyboard)


No, not happening on Windows devices

One customer is citrix, one customer is RDS

Numlock enabled locally from profile

When numlock turns of, led on keyboard also turns off

I’m registering an account with Igel to report the issue

One more thing: is it happening maybe after a standby or screensaver mode or during normal workload?

Did you tried to reproduce it with different keyboard types and / or the latest 10.05.800?

It happens on miltiple igels. Latest firmware has not been installed yet

Hello @member, I know this issue is old, but i have one person at one customer with this exact problem. Is there any insight? We’re running 10.06.130 and client is on RDS 2016

I’m having a similar issue. The numlock is enabled at startup as set in the profile but after a disconnect from a vmware horizon session the numlock is disabled. This is happening on a Igel UD10 with firmware 10.06.190. Any ideas?

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