On boot both monitors have IGEL logo but once booted only one monitor works on IGEL OS?

have you guys seen an issue where having two monitors plugged in on boot shows the iGel logo on both monitors. once iGelOs comes on only one monitor has signal. iGel is detecting both monitors inside of the display switcher but seems to not be sending a video signal to one of them.

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have you tried to duplicate then try and extend it?

Mirroring also doesn’t work

I am having the same issue in the past; try to create a Profile which enable “screen configuration” with number of monitors set to “2”.

Tried that as well @member and no luck. I am motivating that if I plug in one monitor at a time they both work

If I plug in the second one while inside iGelOS the first one goes into no signal found

Yes I have seen this and it’s related to cable signals. I can’t remember all the details but I will try and find the fix in my email and post it here.

Thanks David!!

@member that would be great. This is driving me crazy 😉

Just to confirm is this an IGEL system or UDC, and what type of connection is being used on both ends? I don’t want to give you a fix that doesn’t apply here.

this is a UD3

we are being forced by the monitors to use HDMI so it is DP to HDMI with a converter and DVI to VGA

We have tried all sorts of cables too


Here is the fix I had for another client, let me know if this doesn’t work.

You also might want to make sure you’re using active dp2hdmi adapters/cables

@member and @member we have tried a bunch of different combinations and when using the DVI port with VGA everything seems to work until we power off the primary monitor (using regalar DP)

At which point the DVI-based monitor starts acting super laggy. If we then plug the DP monitor back in both monitors are laggy

And the system stays super laggy until the ud3 is restarted

After the restart both monitors work fine. If we on the other hand power off the monitor using DVI with the VGA adapter everything works fine

Hi Pablo, have you tried active DP to DVI (or Hdmi) adapters? This is really important and could be the cause of your issue.

I have the same issue with dual monitor igels.

I use straight Display port to Display port cable for UD2.

There are two type of issues:

1- one monitors turns off, like goes to power saving mode, the monitor’s power light start blinking, but when I shadow the device I can see both monitors. Just a reboot is needed.

2- one monitor turns off but does not go to power saving mode. The monitor’s power light is on with no blinking.

When I shadow it, I can see only one monitor. The other monitor is disabled when I check the display settings.

We’ve been working with Igel Techs regarding this frustrating issues for almost 2 months with no luck.

Some times user has to reboot the igel 4-5times to get the both monitors back.

I really appreciate for any help.

Stupid question @member… have you tried dragging the other monitor back out of the Disabled section to go next to the first?

If you have and it keeps going back, have you enabled Smart monitor configuration and Keep settings over Reboot inside Accessories > Display Switch > Options

I assume that you have already tried all this if you have been working with IGEL already… 😐

Hi David,

When I drag the disabled monitor, It stays next to the other monitor and doesn’t back to Disabled state, but nothing changes over the real monitor. It’s still active and black. User has to reboot the IGEL for couple of times until both of them start working again.

Anyway, Thanks for your help.

@member can you try the latest 11.02.110 release of the firmware and see if it corrects the issue?

The IGEL team is working on reproducing this in house currently, but we were looking at the fixed issue’s list in the new firmware and there are some items we believe may help mitigate this issue.

@member yes, we tried those and had no effect. The issue appears to be at the root of the iGel OS.

The only way that we were able to get this to work was to convert the DP signal into HDMI. Ended up having to buy completely different monitors just to be able to support iGel which was fairly frustrating. The issue seems to be directly inside of the iGel OS.

@member I would be worried about your current config if I were you. As i noted, even when you can get this config to work on a random blue moon, if that monitor goes into idle or stays on for too long, the whole device will lag and you will end up with end user tickets and a ton of confusion.

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