On IGEL UMS HA shadowing only works from the main UMS server & on the “slave” UMS, all the devices show an exclamation mark

Question: Just upgraded UMS v5.0.8 to UMS 6.5.110 and also with HA, seems to work.

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Now i face two strange things:

1. in the “slave” UMS, all the devices show an exclamation mark

2. shadowing only works from the main UMS server

any one with the same issues? and how to solve this?

Many thanks!

Hi, on first sentence: that‘s rare enough to mention it 🤐😁

Hi, I forgot to press and hold the shift key.. 😑

On your issue… HA is bit complex to fix on community side and some misunderstood / misspelled ideas could result in a nightmare…

Let‘s start with a few thoughts (without any kind of warranty):

1) both servers are on the same network ? Firewalls in between? If they are, Windows FW a.e. too please disable and restart

2) if you open the UMS Administrator (rmadmin.exe) on both Servers, what shows Datasource as active DBs respectively?

3) where is your DB located and which type?

4) which OS type is on both servers? and how much RAM is allocated?

5) Under UMS Administration, Server / Loadbalancer are they errors?

Sorry, being at Gym atm.

I understand what you mean, about the HA part.

To answer your questions:

1. Yes, both are on the same network, even the same subnet. Windows Firewall is enabled, but none of the poets seems to be blocked.

2. Have to check that later.

3. Both servers have their own local embedded db

4. Main has got win2012 ander slave is running on win2019

5. No error, on the slave the id was out of sync, but that has been resolved. Its in sync now.

Another thing, on the slave i can see the main, but on the main the slave is not visible :thinking_face:

We are planning to shutdown the main and continue to work on the win2019 server.

Hold on… on

3) is this the so called Updatedb or your own Embedded DB?

3)a) but you have an external SQL Servet somewhere where your UMS DB is on? Right?

Uhmm nope.. I thought it was strange to have a HA with two seperate dbs.

3. yes, its the so called updated db.

3a. No external db, both have their own

Could you then explain me a bit your structure and the purpose of your HA env.? I mean especially, how do you keep both servers in „sync“ without a common DB ?

🤪🤪 It was never my intension the first place to creatie a HA. I wanted the Just upgrade the main from v5 to v6, create a db back-up and restore it on the New win2019 server. But since i couldnt shadow a device i turned on the main again

Ok… that‘s the missing part of my mind puzzle🙏

Well… the easiest way would be now to rollback to before your update / Migration. Is there a backup somewhere?

I do have a back-up from the v5.. I might even have a back-up of the whole VM..

Why? if may ask? Reason why i upgraded to v6 is because v5 is not supported on win2019. And we are planning to upgrade all devices to os11

I meant that because of the HA Feature which now is activated and would need a few steps to get the DB cleaned up.

Ok that makes sense.. I do have a db back-up before the HA. Thats the one i used to restore the db on the new UMS server.

What steps would you suggest i take? My idea would be:

1. Reinstall ums on the new server

2. Shutdown old ums server

3. Restore db on new UMS server

4. Restore ums license id

5. Create a new back-up job

Hello @member, I assume Sebastien is in bed now.

You should make sure that you do not upgrade a server and migrate to a new one in the same step.

I think the steps you should follow are below:

1. Revert back to your backup (if this hasn’t been done.)

2. Perform the migration -https://kb.igel.com/endpointmgmt-6.04/en/migrating-a-ums-server-26034873.html Migration KB

3. Once you complete the migration, give it a day or so to make sure everything is working

4. Upgrade your UMS server using the installer – kb.igel.com/endpointmgmt-5.09/en/updating-a-ums-installation-22458303.html Upgrade KB

You could also upgrade first, and then migrate. Just be sure to do it seperately

Also, when you migrate make sure you use the same options in the installer that you did in the initial install (i.e. no HA)

Hello @member,

Thanks for joining this thread of mine..

I haven’t revert back yet.. But i sure will do that..

Regarding your steps, step 2 isn’t an option because UMS v5 is not supported on win2019 server.

I can start with turning off the new UMS server and restore a back-up of the orignal one, of v6 before i did the migration.

Once that is done, and everything is still working, i can create a new back-up and shutdown the old ums server and restore that on the new server.

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