ON UMS12 do I need to create a cloud identity provider?

So if I am on boarding devices off our company network, I need to create a cloud identity provider? If on network, can be done in UMS? I am a little confused with the on-boarding.

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You don’t have to, there are other methods of adding devices, see kb.igel.com/howtocosmos/en/onboarding-igel-os-12-devices-77865898.html#OnboardingIGELOS12Devices-RegisterOS12devices_OTPAlternativeOnboardingMethod:RegisteringDeviceswiththeUMSUsingtheOne-TimePassword kb.igel.com/howtocosmos/en/onboarding-igel-os-12-devices-77865898.html#OnboardingIGELOS12Devices-Registe%5B…]iththeUMSUsingtheOne-TimePassword

thank ya

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