One user can’t connect to the IGEL Cloud Gateway from home, ICG is working fine

We have one user who is unable to connect to the cloud gateway who is working from home. Verified that the cloud gateway is operational and other users are able to connect. The device is able to hit the gateway server and go through all the steps to enter the password etc but it never connects after finishing the setup. Does anyone have any suggestion?

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Do you have the correct licenses assigned?

Hi Josh, in addition to Barrys perfect question (!)would you mind to share the UMS / ICG Versions since we fixed a few issues on Caches /stability ?

Excellent suggestions. To @member’s point, an endpoint device needs an EMP license, like the example below:

And yes, to @member’s point ensures there’s nothing misaligned with the UMS/ICG versions.

Last one: please ensure that time is in sync between ICG/UMS/Endpoint 😄

Or maybe the device could still be in the recycle bin from earlier testing.

The version of the Igel OS on the endpoint is also an interessting information. Also does the device show up in the UMS or has it been deleted and is still in the trashbin? If it is in the trashbin, delete it from there too and rejoin it with the ICG setup.

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