OS for IGEL Cloud Gateway (ICG)?

Quick question – what OS is everybody using for the IGEL Cloud Gateway (ICG)

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Redhat Enterprise 7.8 here.

Headless ubuntu

Tip — Check with your company for Linux standard. If it is not on the list of IGEL supported version — file exception to use one that is on the list. Here is the list:



Debian 10


Ubuntu 18.04

Debian 10, Ubuntu (Hosted in Azure), and CentOS (Local lab / not supported)

CentOS at work, Ubuntu in lab

Oracle Enterprise Linux 7 at work (because that was the only option when I made it), Debian 10 at home.

and as a general tip, CentOS and Oracle Enterprise Linux are basically Red Hat with different branding and minor changes (that shouldn’t affect anything).

They are, but be careful because they are not on the supported OS list. If you run into problems, you may be asked to reinstall on a supported OS.

There are differences in the repositories and some of the software contained within. Normally this doesn’t affect ICG, but your millage may vary

Ubuntu 18.04 hardened with CIS standards.

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