OS12 profile and settings for setup user permissions

Hi all, i am setting up OS12 profiles and we dont find settings for setup user permissions which was in OS11 profiles under Accessories-Setup-Setup User Permissions . Are they gone? Or can i find another way for settings setup permissions?

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Permissions setup in Java UMS Console.




Hi, thanks for your answers. Means i cant do that until settings are managable in UMS WEB App. 😞

Why can you not use UMS Java Console?

OS12 profiles!

You set the permissions in Java Console for OS 12 folders.

Maybe i am on the wrong way but i am talking about settings which was in profiles in OS11, how should i set this with Java console for OS12 profiles?

Oh … Hang on a sec… What I get for multi-tasking… Let me re-read your question…

Okay… now I’m on the same page.

In OS 12 everything, including OS 12, is a App.

These items are gone.

What are you trying to control / allow user to do?

user should be able to use some parts of the setup

in my example mouse settings

I guess a different way of doing that… Via

cool! I will try out next week , thanks!

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