Our IGEL OS Custom Partition is not running on startup

Hey folks. I’m working on finalizing a custom partition to start distributing to our customers but I’m running into an issue. On version (which we’re currently using for UAT) the software I’m installing isn’t running on startup. I have an init script (in the CP) that runs as the final action under both the CP and Base custom commands. Anyone have any tips they might be able to share on troubleshooting this? I’ve looked through every log I can find and don’t see any indication that its even trying to run on startup and I can manually run the script just fine from SSH. On legacy versions (we do have customers still stuck on v5) it works fine and one of my guys has reporting that it seemed to be working on a previous version of 11 (I’m not sure which exactly) and I’m seeing the same behavior on both LX and UD.

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Hello – What is the application?

Here is link to our IGEL Community GitHub CP site with some tips, like running ldd on executable to find missing libraries…


Hey @member The application is a service that handles a USB bluetooth adapter that’s part of our solution. It runs totally fine if I start it manually via SSH, but it’s either not running the init script automatically on startup or it’s failing for some reason. I’m just looking for any info that would help me figure out which case is true.

Okay… at the profile for Conky — notice command run on line #20


Details here in IGEL KB:


I think I’m doing the same thing on mine. I’ll double check the profile. Thanks @member!

Another option is to manage via systemd … Here is a simple example:


Ah, that’s perfect! I thought we couldn’t get access to systemd from a CP or that’s what I would have done in the first place. Thanks!

Right — Look at the profile in the link above to see what was put in.

Lines 19-22 –> github.com/IGEL-Community/IGEL-Custom-Partitions/blob/master/CP_Source/Apps/ConnectWise_Control_ScreenConnect/ConnectWise-ScreenConnect-profile.xml

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