Our scanner works fine until I enable Teams/Zoom plugins on IGEL OS?

Help, scanner works fine until I enable Teams/Zoom plugins

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• I have 2 units with 11.04.270

• Units are identical hardware

• The policies between the two are identical except one unit has Teams/Zoom support enabled (this unit won’t work with my Fujitso 7160) scanner not detected

• If I simply move this unit to another directory which doesn’t have the Zoom/Teams enabled boom scanner detected

• Users need Zoom/Teams and the scanner ( I have no idea why this would cause the scanner to not be detected)

Any ideas?

I would check if the Native USB redirection differs between your endpoints. I would disable it and check if it helps.

Native USB and Fabulatech are both disabled HDX Multimedia is enabled (I believe that is part of the Zoom/Teams plugins) I am not certain however.

Try exporting the settings of both devices from UMS, re-import both (use Import Devices as Profiles) and then highlight both, right-click and select Compare

Maybe that will help you to see what is different

And, not to forget, reset the devices to factory defaults and retry.

Thanks guys, I will give it a try

Update: I did a factory reset and then removed the teams zoom from the directory the unit was in and boom the scanner was working. Added the zoom teams back in and it was working in a Win 10 Citrix enviroment. The user then logged off and back in to the Windows 10 environment and sadly it stopped working. The reason I had her log in again is because her dual screens stopped working on her Windows Citrix session when I factory reset.

So there is a definitely an issue with how these plugs and the usb scanner relate to one and other.

Any ideas?

You could check on local terminal with

journalctl -f

if something related to USB happens after Session start.

I suppose I could always pass through the webcam but when I did that the performance wasn’t very good with the webcam.

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