Overview of all the different OS IGEL has and had and how they differ from each other?

Is there somewhere an overview of all the different OS Igel has and had and how they differ from each other, because I’m a bit lost with all the names?

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@member @member maybe you can help here?

Hi @member and @member, I will have a look and will let you know 🙂

I guess this might help:



I thought also about this 😉

@member for our latest products, yes 😉 but maybe Christophe is also wondering about our legacy products.

I was actually thinking about making an “IGEL Products Cheatsheet” 😉 maybe this would be a good time

I will ask one of our developers and will create a document


And below I have information from our PM

• IGEL LX v5 the last 32bit based IGEL OS, End-of-Life since December 2017

• IGEL OS 10 the first 64bit based IGEL OS, introduced 2016

• IGEL OS 11 Of course, still 64bit based – OS with new design and new licensing (Workspace Edition..)

@member I hope you can find the information you need 🙂

You have very helpful. Thank you very much!

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