Password for NoMachine nxclient on IGEL OS?

A question for the NoMachine nxclient users in the crowd (yes, both of you). with the release of NM 7, I am getting an update request to update the client on my IGEL UD3, running, to v7. However, when I try to, it asks for an admin name. I assume that would be root. So I enter that, then it asks for the password, which I have set, and it fails. So, am I using the wrong user name, is there a given procedure for updating the nxclient on IGEL OS that I just can’t find in the KB, or can you only get nxclient updates via IGEL-OS updates? Just wondering if this is something I can do or not. Cheers.

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From what I recall the Nxclient update in that case, is initiated by the server. The Admin Password requested during that process, is the local Igel OS Admin Password (aka. root).

This update will unfortunately fail, since we (as Igel) have to implement it into our Firmware. I‘ve asked, NX7 is planned to be integrated soon, I will keep you posted!

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