Permissions error, access denied, regardless of app in the custom partition on IGEL OS

Getting strange permissions error, access denied, regardless of app in the custom partition. Have tried 2 different versions of Chrome and Chromium by following the KB. Firmware 11.03.580.

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I’ve tried running /custom/chromium-browser/usr/lib/chromium-browser/chromium-browser as both user and root and get same permission error with either one.

Attached screenshot is output of cmd ll /usr/lib/chromium-browser/chromium-browser

Since i’m not getting any messages about libraries or dependencies I’m not sure how to troubleshoot.

on the second to bottom line, notice how the permissions are -rw-r–r–? That means nobody has execute permissions for that file. Try chmod +x /path/to/that/file to add that

Thanks Josh! That was certainly part of it, now I get expected shared library error which I will work through next.

Is this something the CP init script is supposed to do?

if you’re following along with the Chromium KB, the chromium-browser init script should do that but there’s an error in it: chown -R root:system should be chown -R root:root

that may be preventing the chmod 755 below it from running against that directory correctly

I changed it to root:root before executing but still got those errors until I manually ran the chmod command.

ahh ok, so the file ownership propagates down with the -R but the permission change to 755 is only for the mount point. You would indeed have to do the chmod +x by hand, as propagating those permissions recursively would probably be a bad idea. I’ll review this when I get the chance and see if this a step we need to add to the guide

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