Philips touchscreen no longer working on IGEL UD6 Win10 device with firmware 4.01.140

Hi, we have a UD6 Win10 device which we are using to connect to an RDS 2019 server with a Philips touchscreen, all was working fine on firmware 4.01.110 but since until we have updated – 4.04.140 we have lost functionality of touch within the RDS session. The touchscreen works if we come out of the RDS session and fine on another non-IGEL device. We are in the process of downgrading the firmware back to 4.01.110 to restore functionality, has anyone experienced this issue?

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Hi Kevin, is the touchscreen connected per USB? If yes, is maybe the USB Redirection active in your RDP Setting?

Can you check locally in Device Manager if the driver used for PnP is present on 4.04 or differs from 4.01?

We can confirm that downgrading the firmware to 4.01.110 re-instates the touch functionality within the 2019 RDS session. @member can you let Sebastien know the details on the driver please as we will need the latest firmware as it fixes a critical Microsoft vulnerability please?

It was indeed usb redirection that was stopping the touch screen from working. Thanks for your help.

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