Picture / text is blurry while in a citrix session on 49″ curved monitor running3840 x 1080p on IGEL OS

Hi everyone! We have a user who bought a 49″ curved monitor 3840 x 1080p, 32:9. He’s using a Igel M340C and we’re having trouble getting the resolution to work properly. It’s connected using a DP cable and we managed to set the resolution to 3840 x 1080p. According to the IGEL website this resolution should be officially supported. But i’m having trouble getting things to look the way they should – picture / text is blurry while in a citrix session etc – issue does not occur on a regular PC.

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Is it feasible to make the IGEL run this monitor properly or is it a known issue that they can have issues running higher resolutions?

Hi Patrick, which refresh rate did you choosed on that resolution? Which exact Model number of the display are you using?

if you open a local terminal, if you switch to user:

su user

and the input of



Hi – he is running samsung c49hg9x. I will have to check the output of local terminal when i have the PC available and get back to you

Is it possible to run local terminal commands through the IGEL console or would i have to shadow the user?

Unfortunately shadow, or SSH or, Secure terminal:


Having some trouble copy pasting from the terminal – so here’s a screenshot of the xrandr output 🙂

Thanks!! Which refresh rate did you set ?

Are you using Hardware Acceleration with Citrix? Is the Image bluried only locally?

This sounds to me like there is a DPI mismatch.

Can you see what you have set in these options?


On Windows, the DPI settings can auto sync between backend and the client. On Citrix Workspace for Linux, they do not. This can lead to the fuzzy displays where the endpoint OS has to scale things to try to match them up. Adjustment of the DPI settings on the client to match the server can often correct this.

Here’s a blog article that has some other details, but nothing linux/igel specific.


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