Problem getting USB webcam working when using RDP on IGEL OS?

I’m currently on the IGEL OS release, and attempting to get a USB webcam working when using RDP. I have be unsuccessful in using either video redirection, or Native USB Redirection (or Fabulatech USB Redirection, but not both at the same time). For redirection I added a class rule for Video and Audio devices (there is a mic on the webcam), and set the default rule to Allow. The RDP session is connecting to a Windows Server 2012R2 RDS, and I have tested from another Windows 10 client connecting to this server that RemoteFX USB Redirection does work (Teams sees and can use it). RemoteFX Video Redirection does not work from W10 client, but I’m trying to reproduce the success with USB redirection. Does anyone have any experience or success with this?

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The USB redirection for webcam can still be used, I would also check the latest Igel OS build.

Well, on RDS, I would remove the USB Redirection for Webcams but use RemoteFX:

Have an eye on USB Redirection and be sure, that Audio devices aren’t get redirected through USB Redirection.

yeah there are some remote fx GPOs to look at to get that working its not on by default

I think the GPO side is set, as I mentioned it works from a Windows 10 RDP client, just not from iGEL OS

And I do have RemoteFX enabled in the RDS Sessions, but that seems to be for UI features, there’s no USB device selection settings for RemoteFX in iGEL OS

I was able to get this working, I had to Allow the USB id directly, the class wasn’t capturing my camera, and default allow didnt for some reason.

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