Problem when we connect to our Citrix VDI session it is very slow and unusable on IGEL OS?

The problem is when we connect to our Citrix VDI session it is very slow and unusable. Does anyone have suggestions to configurations changes we need to make?

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What do you mean by slow? The video lags?

I would:

1. on first screenshot change the default rule to Deny and remove the Webcam

2. let it like this

Are you using Cisco JVDI or Skype for Business?

I’M aussuming, that Keyboard and mouse were redirected, that causes a big lag in the behavior.

The audio is very choppy and the video is very slow refresh where the video moves very slow but the quality of the video is good.

Some tech notes that can help:

Thanks for the information 🙂 I’m evaluating this information now.

Hey @member, to pile onto what @member was hinting at, what devices are you trying to redirect into the session with the Audio and Video rules?

I ask, because Citrix has default channels if you are doing standard Audio, and video usually is handled through HDX if the camera supports it.

We are using the “IGEL Universal Desktop UD2 LX – DT – Atom x5-8000 1.04 GHz – (4 CPUs) 2 GB — IGEL M250C” that has the IGEL OS v11.02.150.01 that is connecting to our Citrix VDI environment. We are using HDX settings found in the IGEL OS setup.

Stephan, please first try not to redirect devices by default. If you use Skype for Business, then ONLY activate the “HDX Realtime Media Engine” and DEACTIVATE the “Multimedia redirection” as all is handled buy the optmization pack (RTME).

Thanks for the information and we will evaluated the information you have provided. Also the two application we are using the camera with are “Microsoft Teams” & “Cisco WebEx”.

Additional information about configuring the Microsoft LifeCam HD-3000 to function on a IGEL Thin Client using the IGEL OS v11.02.150.01 on a Citrix VDI session – Windows 10. We have confirmed a Windows 10 device can use the same camera and function properly when connecting to the Citirx VDI Windows 10 session.

We have concluded that their is something we are missing on the IGEL OS that is preventing this camera to function properly.

Can you confirm that the camera works fine EXTERNAL to Citrix? Does MS Teams work fine external to Citrix (installed directly on IGEL OS)

I want to understand if it is a Citrix issue, or an IGEL profile issue

Update on the Camera Re-direction issue.

• Note – the USB redirection of the camera was working but the HDX redirection wasn’t – to clarify things.

We determined that UDP traffic is required for HDX to function properly and we determined that UDP was being blocked externally. This was resolved and now HDX is functioning it appears, but we want to decrease the camera quality so it will function in lower network traffic environments. I’m looking for suggestions on what to tweak to still have a decent video quality with refresh rate to display the other person good enough.

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