Problem with 4K TV screens and via Citrix session on IGEL OS, screen remains black

Hello! We are having problems with 4K TV screens and Citrix sessions. If we logon to a Citrix session with 4K resolution the screen remains black. We do see the mouse pointer though. We also know that the Citrix session is working. Our user is properly logged in. Selecting a lower resolution (2550) does work. It also works if we connect a Windows laptop and set it to work at 4K. Does this sound familiar to anyone? We use UD3-LX50 clients with 10.05.800.01 firmware.

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@member if you go into BIOS on your UD3-LX50 device and set the Video RAM to 512 MB shared memory, will that effect in any way?

could you also try to disable or enable the hardware acceleration in Citrix?

Assuming you have the mmcp (Multimedia Codec Pack) licensed, to check:

Ums=>your device=>main Window=>Product ID should end with C or AC

Do you maybe have a UD Pocket to test another piece of hardware like the windows laptop you mentioned?

Thanks! Something with the H264 codec. After disabling it we have video.

If you open a local terminal and type vdpauinfo you will see how many pixels the current gpu can handle in h264. If you fall our of the scope, you shouldn’t use h264. Doesn’t matter how much ram you assign to the gpu.

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