Problem with IGEL UD3-LX 10.06.170 – Citrix application in HTML5, the firefox window is always black

Hi, i have an issue in UD3-LX 10.06.170, in firefox session, when i launch an citrix application in HTML5, the firefox window is always black.

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What is the Citrix version?

In UD3-LX i use the default version of Citrix. I’m connecting to webstorefront throught NetScaler

What version is the VDA? (Citrix VDA version and Windows OS version)

Had a similar issue, had to test this article:

just in case!

VDA 7.15.3000 in Windows 2016

i think the issue is before connecting to VDA, i didn’t see “connecting message”. The firefox window directly show black

Have you tried connecting via the integrated Storefront method (no browser)?

Sessions > Citrix > Citrix Storefront

is it possible to configure by this way, with a connection throught NetScaler?

I try to add it, but citrix don’t find the store. I don’t know the exact URL from external

Leave everything blank (Path to store, Store name, Domain) and retry please.

Can you maybe also provide a few screenshots of the „Black Firefox Window“?

i made some bad things like upgrade and downgrade firmware on the same TC, i think this not good. After a reset to factory the HTML5 works fine! I try to add Citrix storefront session, i add the URL of netscaler without arguments (path to store, store name, domain), i switch authentification to Citrix authentification. When i start this session the authentification is good (user, password and passcode), but after login i got an error: adding store:Http error[302]

in CLI: i can’t storebrowse, i have the same error. But i can browse the store in CLI if i add the store with a CR file: storebrowse -C

After i can storebrowse -E <INTERNAL_URL_STORE> (mentionned in CR file). The request is send throught the external gateway (netscaler) mentioned in CR fike.

i don’t know if it is possible to configure this in IGEL profile in citrix storefront session.

Hi Guillaume, from what I recall the 302 error is Web redirection/rewrite error.

Citrix receiver configuration screenshot and the

Example URL of storefront used in internal: and the URL for external access:

this configuration works in Receiver, but i can’t implent it in a IGEL profile

I wan’t a profile for external access only. I don’t have problem for internal access

In this document we can see the issue

@member do you have any explication about this behaviour (view the PDF)?

I’m in a call until late afternoon, but could you provide your cert/profile/test user?

i can provide you the citrix configuration (CR) file with real URLs. I can’t provide any user authentification information (the pass code is a RSA token) .

i will check if i can provide a static passcode for a test user (not sure)

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