Problem with IGEL UD6 (H830C) and IGEL OS 10.06.130, the system freezes randomly

Hello all. We have a problem with IGEL UD6 (H830C) and OS10.06.130, the system freezes randomly. Anyone had this too? Any conclusions or tips will be apreciated.

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Which session? Are there profiles on the client that have not been set to 10.06.130?

Hi. No profiles, we update manually via http. No errors during firmware update. Sessions: 1xSSH (Chrome), 1xPowerTerminal, 1xLocal Browser

The freeze can not be challenged, it occurs random. Sometimes when browsing via ssh chrome, sometimes it frezzes when screensaver (the igel symbol) is active.

Have you updated IGELOS recently? Or Chrome? Since when does this Issue occurs?

good morning. the issues occur with updated devices (http update, no UMS) to 10.06.130 and with stock devices OS5.

All devices are brand new.

The issue also occurs when no settings are touched.

And nothing is running.

One thing i recognized is that when the device is frozen, the USB ports are also dead, Mouse Laser off, Keyboard LED off. Tried all USB ports, all the same.

You could ask IGEL PreSales for a new Version of the Chrome Custom Partition. (for OS Version 10.06.130)

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