Problem with Logitech C270 and Citrix Redirection om IGEL OS

Hi there, i have a problem with my Logitech C270 and my Citrix Redirection.

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I want to use this Igel UD3-LX51ac (version with this Logitech C270, When i try to RDP the webcam is recognized. Whenever i plug in this webcam to my laptop and connect to Citrix the webcam is Ok. When i try to use the Webcam on the Igel it and connecting to Citrix does not show any monitor (even in Only settings i have changed in device is: HDX Multimedia Redirection (got the codec pack) , Browser content redirection, Codec : Graphical codec automatic, accelerated H.264 Deep Compression Codec, Text tracking, Small Frames Feautre, JPEG batch decoing.

Any suggestions?

Hi @member, where do you need to use the webcam? MS Teams, Zoom, or other?

Hi @member, MS Teams indeed. This is installed on the RDS as x86

Have a look here:

But for IGEL the Worksapce App for Linux should be used starting with version 20.06, better 20.10.

And take care that the UMS Profile does NOT have the USB Redirection active for the webcam in the Citrix Gobal part.

Hi Bas, in addition to @member’s comments, you would ideally need to upgrade to IGEL OS 11. Teams optimization for Citrix is only available in later firmware versions (11.04.200+)

Yep, make use of our TradeUp program which gives you the OS11 license for free; you just have to go for the maintenance.

Some tips on webcams posted here –>

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