Problems connecting iPads and iPhones to IGEL UD3 thin clients

I’ve got another question. We recently ran into some problems with connecting our mobile devices (iPads and iPhones) with our UD3 clients. We built two objects in the UMS that enable the connection but the device is only being recognized and mapped into the citrix session when you manually update the device list on the IGEL desktop which is not possible for normal users. It’s supposed to be automatically mapped into the citrix session. We are using OS11 version

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Hi Julian, when using the MTP Function you shouldn‘t use the USB Redirection in addition. That might cause a misfunction of the functionality. Please try to disable Native USB Redirection, reboot and try again.

Removing Native USB Redirection doesn’t help. There are also some screenshots missing in my original message.

Cannot check for the moment, but when you say “not possible for normal users” you mean technically not possible or because the users are not skilled enough?

Users are not skilled enough. They would have to use an IGEL shortcut to get out of the Citrix session, then open the device list and update it and then go back to the session.

We might create a UDEV rule which triggers an action as soon as the device gets connected, but I’m Customer appointments until next week. Could you update to 11.03.530 in the meantime and check if the problem persists?

Updating to 11.03.530 didn’t help.

I can also confirm now that it works with 10.06.174 and below.

I won’t be available next week but my colleague Martin Lieb will watch this thread and keep in touch with you.

Anything new about this issue?

I asked our devs but it might take a bit longer to get this clarified since it appears to be complicated to fix… Will ask again after his vacation. Please post that request to #feature-proposals too.

The thing that confuses me is that it works flawlessly with OS10 so it wouldn’t be a new feature. Or am I wrong?

We suddenly have one user where everything works fine. But the configuration is the same.

Any news about the issue?

No, unfortunately not. This feature is with limited support so I can’t ask too much our Dev on that….

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