Problems with missing icons in IGEL OS 10

Hi everyone, we seem to be having a problem with missing icons in OS 10. I believe this happens when you disable certain firmware features, but I have yet to find out which one. In this case, the normally red RDP icon is missing and being replaced with a grey gear icon. Does anyone know how I can fix it?

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Hi Ramon, can you please check the local configuration of your endpoint (right click in UMS, Edit Configuration) and go to System=>Registry=>Sessions=>winconnect0 (or whatever number covers your session)=>icon

if something else than rdp is set there you are using a custom icon which isn‘t apparently available on endpoint.

If not, please check System=>Firmware customization=>Features=>RDP is disabled

If not 😄 Please check if you have a valid license on this device.

Hi @member Thanks for the suggestion! The endpoints are all on OS10 (.05.800), which to my knowledge have no licensing issues. The profiles are also OS10 and all RDS related features are enabled. In the registry under winconnect[###] the icon just says the name of the session, nothing about RDP

Hi! Then, you are welcome! then please change the icon name to rdp that should be enough!

OM*G now I understand.. 😓 thanks again for answering my dumb questions

You are welcome! No dumb questions here!!

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