PSIGEL v0.10.0 released – PowerShell wrapper for IGEL IMI

PSIGEL v0.10.0 released – PowerShell wrapper for IGEL IMI

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• cross platform support (Windows, Linux, MacOS) -> see attached gif

• support for Powershell 7

• Remove-UMSAPICookie

• Site, Department, CostCenter, AssetID, InServiceDate and SerialNumber to Get-UMSDevice -Filter details

• support for Datatype Version in Get-UMSFirmware, Get-UMSStatus

• Get-UMSDirectoryRecursive


• set minimum Powershell Requirement for the module to 5.1

• SerialNumber Length to 18


• reset / update empty values of devices


• remove -OS functions


Awesome work….. truly awesome

Now if only the API was updated to include all the functions in UMS 🙂

I have been asking for that since the first USA IGEL event in Austin, TX

I think, or maybe, or I hope, once we get out a HTML 5 UMS version we will see new APIs as I think it is being built with them. I. don’t know for sure… but this would make sense and i hope! I agree. APIs are a must…

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